Lango sub-region MPs demand reconstruction of roads network

LANGO – Lango Parliamentary Group (LPG) has demanded the reconstruction of the road networks in the sub-region to ease transportation of produce, communication and service delivery.

They tasked the government to construct and reconstruct 520km of tarmac roads during the National Development Plan III (2021-2026).

The roads include; Lira-Aboke-Kamdini, Rwenkunye-Apac-Lira-Acholibur, Dokolo-Ochero-Namasale and Lira-Aloi-Abim-Kotido.

The group headed by MP Judith Alyek of Kole district, tabled the demand to the Minister of Works and Transport, Gen Edward Katumba Wamala after a tour of the road networks in the sub-region.

The Executive Director of Uganda National Road Authority, Allan Kagina, technical team, MPs and LC5 Chairpersons assessed the status of the roads in the sub-region and raised concerns saying in Lango only 15% of roads were tarmacked.

“A low-cost sealing tarmac should be considered for the road leading to Baralegi State Lodge as future upgrading plans are made,” said MP Alyek.

President Museveni built a State Lodge at Baralegi village in Okwang sub-county, Otuke district during the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency. The President pitched camp in the area to fight the rebels and cattle rustlers.

MP Alyek said the sub-region has a total national road network of 1037.4km and out of this only 152.5km are tarmacked leaving others in a bad state.

The nine districts include; Alebtong, Oyam, Amolatar, Dokolo, Kwania, Apac, Kole, Lira and Otuke.

“The 152.5kms are only present in four districts (Lira 58.8, Oyam 36.7, Dokolo 36.4 and Lira City 25.6) out of nine including one city,” she said.

The MPs said over the last 10 years between 2011-2021, the government constructed a total of 2,131.2km of tarmac roads across the country but none of these were in the Lango sub-region.

They added that since the establishment of UNRA in 2006, no road has been constructed in the sub-region.

The local leaders and the MPs were also concerned about stalled construction of Rwenkune-Apac-Lira-Acholibur road saying it has taken eight months without any proper work going on.

The tarmacking of a 191km road worth Shs750b was flagged off by President Museveni late last year and shortly the work stalled due to lack of design.

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