Nabbanja promises 8 tractors, Shs 55million to Abafumambogo SACCO

MASINDI – The Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja has pledged eight tractors to the Abafumambogo clan members in an effort to uplift their economic status.

Nabbanja made the pledge while speaking as Chief Guest at the Annual General Meeting [AGM] for the members of Abafumambogo clan SACCO in Bunyoro region held in Kyamujwaara cell, Nyangahya division, Masindi district.

She said each of the eight districts in Bunyoro will get a tractor that will belong to the clan members in the district.

The districts include: Kakumiro, Kibaale,Kagadi, Kikuube, Hoima, Buliisa, Kiryandongo and Masindi.

Nabbanja also pledged Shs 55million towards the Abafumambogo clan SACCO to enable members to access loans to boost their businesses.

Nabbanja who is also a member of Abafumambogo clan said, it should benefit all the members of the SACCO.

She hailed the leadership of the clan SACCO in the region led by Godfrey Musindi for uniting the clan members and even starting up a SACCO.

She further said it is in line with the NRM government’s agenda of fighting poverty in the country.

Nabbanja was responding to an earlier request made by Godfrey Musindi, the clan SACCO Chairman for assistance with clan members.

Musindi told theCooperator that he will travel to Kampala this week to inspect the tractors and to ascertain when the SACCO money is expected to be wired on the account.

The Abafumambogo clan SACCO comprises more than 300 active members in the different districts of Bunyoro.

He noted that they’re going to use the tractors to boost farming amongst the members.

“Our vision is to start doing farming on a large scale as members. We are planning many things such that we can grow and become a model SACCO,” he explained.

Nabbanja earlier made a stopover at a function organized by Masindi Municipality Mayor, Ronald Kyomuhendo Businge where mass was led by Father Birungi Akiiki from Nyamigisa catholic church.

Councilors’ SACCO given Shs 10 million

Nabbanja also gave Shs 10 million to Masindi Councillors’ SACCO to boost them by getting small loans.

The leadership of Masindi Municipality used the same opportunity and asked the Prime Minister to help them acquire road maintenance equipment to improve the road network in Bunyoro.

“We are struggling to maintain the roads because the equipment we have is in a pathetic situation and it keeps breaking down,” said Kyomuhendo the Mayor Masindi Municipality.

Joab Businge, the Member of Parliament for Masindi Municipality asked the Prime Minister to help Masindi Municipality areas get connected to the national grid.

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