Lango diocese receive 21 priests, and deacons

Lango Diocese has ordained 21 priests and deacons to join Christian ministry work in northern Uganda.

The diocesan Bishop, Prof Alfred Olwa presided over the ceremony which saw 14 deacons ordained priests, and 7 seminarians ordained deacons.

Two journalists who were working with Lira-based Radio Unity were among those ordained to become deacons.

They include Kami Nelson Okonya who holds a master’s degree in divinity and Auma Alice Prisca with a bachelor’s degree in divinity.

Okonya was assigned as the Bishop’s Chaplain and Auma as Curate of St Augustine Barogole in Lira City.

Those who were ordained priests include; Daniel Olet Bura, Geoffrey Ocen, Haggard Emuny, Shadrack Ogwal, James Gweng, John Alfred Ogwal, Santos Amone, Boniface Opio, Moses Ogwal, Akii Walter, Alex Okello, Geoffrey Ogwang, Stephen Opua, and Anthony Ogwal.

The deacons include; Mayanja Olap, Bosco Obonyo, Auma, Job Okeng, Okonya, Gad Aaron Oyuku, and Jimmy Pule. Okeng is the son of Bishop emeritus of West Lango diocese, Alfred Acur Okodi.

Lira City Mayor, Sam Atul welcomed the newly ordained clergies and advised them to work towards shaping the citizens of this country and fight moral decay in the community.

Atul urged the church to work hard to improve the education and health of the population since they are the pillars of development.

“We are also aware that the church is interested in the health of its people, therefore as political leaders we must collaborate and join hands to champion the fight against immorality,” he added.

He advised the incoming Synod members to be united if they are to improve the welfare of the clergy saying, they should mobilize Christians to contribute Shs.5,000 monthly.

He said every parish in the Lango diocese has 250 mature and committed Christians and if the proposal is endorsed, the diocese will receive Shs.82m monthly. The diocese has 66 parishes with 1,650 committed members.

“Let us leave it at the disposal of the Bishop so that he builds an endowment fund that can help to manage the welfare of the clergy,” he added.

Bishop Acur Okodi urged the new clergy to prepare people for eternity, not just this world.

He said there could be various motivations for people to accept ministry and there are people who appear to be called and yet they have joined as job seekers to make a living through the priesthood and church work.

He said, if anyone has come with that wrong motivation, he or she should turn over and begin to go upright to serve the King of the universe.

Bishop Acur urged them to be firm, immovable, and never be diverted to serve other things other than God.

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