Government invests Shs60.7b to uplift education standards in Lango sub-region

LANGO – The government of Uganda has invested Shs 60.7b for infrastructural development in higher institutions of learning and establishment of secondary schools in the Lango sub-region.

The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Janet Museveni said, a greater percentage of the money is for the construction at Uganda Technical College Lira and procurement of equipment while the rest was channelled for the construction of eight seed schools.

The schools according to State Minister for Sports who is also Ajuri County legislator Denis Hamson Obua include; Apac seed, Okwerodot in Kole, Aduku in Kwania, Agali in Lira, Batta in Dokolo, Muntu in Amolatar, Ogor in Otuke and Abia in Alebtong districts respectively.

Janet Museveni revealed the development in a message delivered by Junior Minister Obua at the graduation ceremony of 343 students at Lira University in Lira City.

The students graduated with Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management, Masters of Public Health, Bachelor of Science in Midwifery and Bachelor of Science in Public Health.

Other disciplines include; Bachelor of Science in Community Psychology and Psychotherapy, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Accounting and Finance, Commerce, Public Administration and Management and Business Administration.

“There are major infrastructure investments the government is making in the Lango sub-region in respect to education. For instance, Shs43.9b being invested in UTC Lira,” she said.

“This is to transform the institution into a centre of excellence on bridges and roads construction,” she added. The seed schools according to the minister costs Shs 16.8b.

She said, the education institutions not only bring construction jobs but they also stimulate the local economy primarily.

She advised the graduates stepping into the world of work to show the spirit of patriotism and love for citizens.

“Some of the countries that our young people admire so much did develop to where they are because their citizens love their country and never sought to destroy it,” she said.

The Chairperson of Lango Parliamentary Group, MP Judith Alyek said, the establishment of the university was a great opportunity for the people of Lango, Acholi and Teso to embrace higher learning.

She urged the government to have fairness and equity in the way resources are distributed to support both public universities and tertiary institutions.

Abdul George, one of the graduates said, without self-confidence and determination he would have not attained his Masters in Business Administration and Management.

He said, the major challenge faced in attempting to attain education in Uganda was the struggle to get school fees and scholastic materials.

“I would struggle to raise fees both for me and my siblings because my parents passed on when I was in senior two,” he said.

“It was so hard for me at times to understand what the teacher was teaching. All I would be thinking of was where I am going to write,” he said adding that it was such a torturing moment.

“I recalled when a teacher beat me badly because I went to school in no uniform, literally I needed to study but my parents had no money to buy a uniform,” he added.

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