DPP, Lady Justice Abodo drops murder charges against Pastor

KIKUUBE – The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Jane Frances Abodo has dropped the murder charges against Pastor George Baguma commonly known as Kagenyi of Bwera Miracle Church in Kyangwali sub-county, Kikuube district.

Bwera Miracle church is under the stewardship of Pastor Robert Kayanja of Miracle Centre Cathedral Kampala.

The dropping of charges comes a few weeks after the residents attacked and demolished the church structure which has been under construction.

In July last year, more than 400 residents petitioned the Office of the Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Amlan Tumusime demanding his intervention into what they termed as mismanagement of a murder case of one of their residents, John Turyamureba.

The residents accused Pastor Kagenyi of conniving with seven people to kill Turyamureba over unclear reasons.

The suspects included; Stephanie Uwimaana, the wife of the deceased, Twekabe James and Richard Musiguzi, sons of the deceased, Samuel Mugisha, Alloys Habineza, John Mbabazi and Jackson Tushabomwe all members of Bwera Miracle Church.

In August 21st 2021, the seven suspects were arrested; however, 6 of the suspects that included the children and their mother were released on police bond.

The residents protested their release on bond, forcing police from Kampala headquarters Kibuli to carryout fresh investigations into the matter.

As police carried out their investigations, Nickson Ahereza, handed himself to police, claiming that he killed the deceased together with the Pastor.

However, the DPP in a communication that was delivered to residents in Bwera villages by CID Officers from Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) headquarters in Kibuli, Kampala, Pastor Kagenyi and Nicolas Ahereza were exonerated.

According to the file that was read by Daniel Mugisa who led a team of CID officers, the DPP dropped the charges due to lack of substantial evidence to pin the suspects. According to the file which was presented to the resident, Ahereza, a key witness changed his statement that he had made at first.

According Mugisa, Ahereza denied knowing anything about the murder of Turyamureba and told the detectives that he was coached to tell lies against Pastor Kagenyi by a group of people who are in land wrangles with the Pastor. Ahereza told the detectives that the group promised to give him two acres of land after accomplishing the mission.

However, before Mugisa could complete delivering the DPP’s communication, residents speaking at the top of their voices protested DPP’s decision and accused Pastor Kagenyi of bribing the officers who handled the case.

Aston Muhwezi and Kareni Nabakyala said, the residents suspected that their witness was brainwashed to change his statement. They expressed their discontent about the judgement and vowed to appeal against the ruling.

“We are protesting because from the word go, police have not been serious with their work, after handing over the report to us, we will get somebody legal, to study the report and guide us. Then we shall sit as a village and seek a way forward, ” said Muhwezi.

But RDC Tumusime warned the residents who were threatening to harm Pastor Kagenyi against taking laws in their hands and told the residents that Pastor Kagenyi and Ahereza were free to live in the village without any disturbance.

He added that the law is ready to catch up with all those who will go against the DPP’s decision and advised them to appeal instead of engaging in violence

“According to the DPP, Kagenyi has no case, he did not kill the person, I am telling you this as an RDC. If you go against this decision, you will be arrested so let me hope those with ears have heard,” the RDC warned the angry residents.

Pastor Kagenyi commended DPP for exonerating him but accused police for failing to protect him and his property. He noted that in December last year, a group of residents attacked and demolished the church, his houses and the houses of his followers and the suspects are still free in the village.

The District Police Commander (DPC) for Kikuube district, Richard Asiimwe condemned the actions of the residents adding that the police had launched investigations into the murder.

“You people, you should not think that this is Congo, this is Uganda where laws are still working, the only person who is above the law in this Country is the President, if a general, an MP can be arrested, how about you the peasant of Bwera.”


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