Amuru district suspends road rehabilitations over heavy rains

AMURU – Amuru district local government has suspended road rehabilitations following continuous heavy rainfall being experienced in the district.

At the time of the suspension, the district was grading Oberabic to Gira gira via Otici and Guru guru and Amuru Town Council to Okungedi via Mutema road. Plans were also underway to grade the road from Pabo Town Council to Odura in Pogo sub-county via Olinga in Pabbo sub-county.

Michael Lakony, the LCV Chairperson, Amuru district says, they had reported cases of graders getting stuck on some parts of the road while grading.

Lakony says they also observed that immediately after grading the roads, heavy rains would come and worsen the condition of the roads rendering them impassable.

According to Lakony, resumption of the road grading will be by the end of November this year when the heavy rains have subsided.

Nixion Candano, a resident of Otici trading center says, the bad road condition has made it almost impossible for them to travel to either Oberabic or Guru guru trading center to access the local markets.

He says that mobile merchandise dealers who normally use their vehicles have also abandoned business due to the poor road conditions.

“The mobile merchandise dealers who used to bring us goods using their vehicles have abandoned coming here because the road is too bad. We are struggling to buy essential stuff like salt, soap and even sugar among others,” Candano notes.

Stephen Ojok, a resident of Guru guru trading center says, accessing Olwal Health Center III has become a challenge with most boda-boda cyclists hiking their transport fares by almost double.

He is appealing to the district authorities to consider spot filling the bad spots so that the road is at least accessible.

“If the district could help us do some spot filling on the very bad spots, it would be fine, because now even the boda-boda riders are hiking their transport fares to double and with the current financial conditions, it’s very difficult. We might end up losing the sick people because they can’t be taken to the health center,” Ojok appealed.

Recently, the road linking the community of Lungulu sub-county in Nwoya to Amuru district was cut off due to the terrible condition of the roads.

Amuru district has a total of 401 kilometers of roads with 354 kilometers in sorry state leaving only 74 Kilometers in a fairly good condition.

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