20 cattle die of suspected poisoning in Lira City

LIRA – A total of 20 cattle from Ngetta ginnery in Anyangapuc ward, Lira City East division, Lira City have died after taking water that is suspected to have been contaminated with poisonous chemicals.

According to the local leadership, the herd of cattle died in three separate days, 15 on Wednesday and Thursday then another tragedy of 5 unfolded on Friday.

Lira City East division, Mayor George Okello Ayo confirmed the incident and identified those who lost their animals as David Okello, Simple Ojok, Alex Alele and Leben Ebong both residents of Anyangapuc ward.

Okello Ayo asked the area communities to tip the police on the perpetrator who might have poisoned the cattle so that the suspect is arrested and prosecuted.

“Such things are not entertained within the communities. We have worked hard to restock after losing hundreds of cattle to the Karimojong, but others are busy planning to kill our cattle,” he says.

Ojok, who lost five of his animals, said he suspected the cattle drunk the poisonous water near Tegot Ngetta since they were moving freely to look for water and pastures.

“Most of the water sources including pastures have dried up and we are no longer grazing them,” he said.

Alele and Okello also alleged that their cattle took the same water which has caused them a lot of losses and damage.

Early last year, authorities of Lira City imposed a Shs 50,000 fine on each domestic animal found straying in the city.

It stemmed as a result of public outcry of the high number of domestic animals walking in the city, which at times destroys both private and government properties.

Local leaders and the communities alleged that some wrong elements might have used the availability of the indoor residual spray chemicals to poison their animals.

On 2nd ,March 2022, Lira City launched Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) exercise in Anai ward and is due to end on 26th March,2022.

But the health expert in charge of the IRS denied the allegation.


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