UPDF starts construction on Mukakati-Semuliki road inside DRC

Ituri – The Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) has started construction works on the most strategic feeder roads into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) that runs through to Ituri Province from Bundibugyo.

Mukakati – Semuliki road is strategic both in commercial and security spheres given its reach into the heart of Eastern DRC and Uganda.

The road has a 14km stretch that has been impassable bogging down UPDF offensive against Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels early this month.

The road is also the main supply route for the army fighting against the ADF rebels, while it will also provide a short alternative for trade into the vast Central African Country from Uganda.

The Stretch runs from the Uganda – DR Congo boarder near Bundibugyo, crossing through to Mukakati, where the UPDF apparently has its forward operational base. It goes over the Semuliki bridge inside Congo, snaking to parts of Ituri Province from Lesse.

The UPDF engineering team, combined with the FARDC (DRC Armed Forces) engineers have embarked on the work that will likely last three weeks before partial opening in pursuance of the rebel remnants inside Congo.

Earth moving trucks have been deployed in a relationship that has seen two neighboring forces in a single operation to pacify the region that has been dreaded for decades now.

According to FARDC Operations Commander, Col Gbiagolo Antoine, the operation depicts a brotherly relationship enjoyed by the two forces, adding that construction of the road would constrain the offensives done by the rebels.

“We have invited media to first of all inform the world that we are committed to jointly fight our common enemy ADF and other anti-peace elements. This road construction depicts the true brotherhood between FARDC and Uganda forces,” he said.

UPDF 3rd Brigade Commander, Col James Kasule affirms that the army entered Congo to support FARDC flash out the rebels who are not only killing people and destabilizing DRC, but also Uganda.

“In support of our brothers, UPDF is happy and willing to jointly eradicate ADF hiding in these thick Ituri forests. We want to make sure the two countries are peaceful so that such infrastructural development can be realized. We want to warn ADF that you either surrender or prepare for your demise. We are going to hunt you down to the last man,” warned Col Kasule.

The army started the offensive almost a week ago inside Congo against the ADF rebels, before they got stuck at Mukakati, halting the offensive, due to bad roads.

The army has since embarked on civil military engagements with the communities in the area, informing them about the objectives of the attack and their presence in the area.

UPDF has also conducted medical outreach programs to treat sick Congolese, and open water points for the communities and now the road rehabilitation.


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