UPDF launches air, artillery strikes on ADF camps in DRC

KAMPALA – The Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) has launched air and artillery strikes on Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebel positions inside the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The rebel group blamed for the Kampala twin bombings a fortnight ago, has also claimed responsibility for the attacks on the UN peace keepers under MUNUSCO inside the vast Central African Republic.

The two bomb blasts in the heart of the Capital, Kampala claimed at least seven lives, majority of whom were Police Officers and more than 30 were severely injured.

Several other bombs were since deactivated, with security attributing the attacks on the Congo based rebel group formerly led by Jamir Mukulu, now incarcerated in Luzira Prison on several offences including treason, murder among others.

The rebel group terrorized parts of the Western Axis in the district of Kasese, Bundibugyo, Kabarole, between 1995s to early 2000’s claiming more than 3,000 lives and scores left displaced.

The recent UPDF attack was a preemptive reaction, following intelligence reports indicating that the terrorist group was planning deadly attacks on Uganda in a few days.

The UN Peacekeepers in the Congo, who have also been attacked by the same group reported that the rebels had developed strategic points from where to launch the attacks on the Kampala regime.

UPDF spokesperson, Brig Flavia Byekwaso confirmed the attacks this afternoon.

“We have attacked ADF bases in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) this afternoon. After shared intelligence between Uganda and the DRC, we confirmed that the ADF terrorists were planning to conduct hostile activities against Uganda,” she said.

Contrary to the reports on social media, Brig Byekwaso clarified that the Ugandan army didn’t enter the territory of DRC, but rather they used long range artillery and planes to attack the ADF positions.

Earlier, there were numerous reports indicating heavy deployment by the UPDF along the DRC border following attacks on the UN Peace contingent by the rebel group in Eastern DRC.

The Army has also confirmed that its presence into the DRC territory was authenticated by the Kinshasa regime after Chief of Defense Forces, Gen Wilson Mbadi exchanged pleasantries with his DRC Counterpart Celestin Mbala.

In August 1998, Ugandan Army was allowed into the same territory to flash out the same group but the venture turned out into a plundering expedition.

DRC resources were plundered by the Uganda army officials, attracting the International Court of Justice to charge the Ugandan government for causing immense violation of sovereignty, illegal use of force among other charges.


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