Soroti district receives more than 413 bicycles for Local Council leaders

SOROTI – A total of 413 bicycles have been delivered to Soroti District Local Government meant for Local Council I (LCI) and Local Council II (LCII) to enhance service delivery.

The consignment of the bicycles was delivered at the district headquarters by Ministry of Local Government to support service delivery at local council level.

According to the Soroti District Communication Officer, Abraham Ekwaru, all the LC-I Chairpersons of the 359 villages and LC-II Chairpersons of 54 parishes will be given bicycles.

Ekwaru says the bicycles will be distributed to the respective LC-I and LC-II Chairperson upon receiving guidelines from the government.

Ekwaru says, Ben Kumumanya, the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Local Government in his letter advised the districts to receive the bicycles and keep them safely until they are advised on the distribution programme in the due course.

He called on the Chairpersons to be ready to receive their bicycles.

Patrick Okumu, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Soroti district acknowledged having received the bicycles which is a fulfillment of the presidential pledge.

He therefore asked the local leaders to deliver services even more effectively because these bicycles are meant to facilitate their work.

Patrick Asonya LC I, Senior quarters ward, Cell H says he has been waiting for this for a long time.

“This is going to change and help us work effectively,”Asonya told theCooperator.

He appreciated the government for all the work it’s doing to make sure services are accessible to all the citizens and promised to make the best use of it once he receives it.

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