Parish Development Model: Minister Magyezi down plays need for legislation

The Minister of Local Government, Hon Raphael Magyezi has said, there is no need to put in place new legislation to facilitate the implementation of the Parish Development Model (PDM).

Magyezi appeared before the Local Government Committee where he presented the guidelines of the Parish Development Model.

The guidelines tabled before the committee has seven pillars namely; agriculture value chain development, infrastructure and economic services, financial inclusion, social services, and community mobilisation and mindset change.

The others are parish-based information management systems, governance and administration.

According to Magyezi, the model will be implemented through the Parish Revolving Fund which will be Shs 17 million per parish in the financial year 2021/22 and Shs100 million for the next financial year per parish.

According to Magyezi, they have a recovery mechanism which is the core of the programme.

However, Members of Parliament expressed dissatisfaction about the programme with many arguing that it was rushed without guidelines and adequate legislation.

Bukimbiri County MP, Hon Eddie Kwizera said, since the parish model is a long-term programme, there is a need for a bill by the government that will ensure its operationalisation.

“This is a long-term project and it requires a law; if someone mismanages the project, what will happen? The Attorney General needs to bring a bill to Parliament, the same way the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) program is working,” he said.

However, Minister Magyezi said, there is no need for new legislation for the parish model as they are already operating within the local governance structures and law.

“We are implementing the Parish Development model under the structures of local governments; we are currently working with the Attorney General, and we appreciate your guidance on the matter,” Magyezi said.

The Committee Chairperson, Hon Godfrey Onzima said it is unfortunate that serious government programmes start without guidelines.

“We don’t give time to systematically start our projects. People are being given Shs 17 million and roads are being opened but we are still working on the guidelines,” Onzima said.

Bugweri District Woman Representative, Hon Rachel Magoola said, the government is rotating around the same structure that has failed including Emyooga, Youth Livelihood Programme among others.

She added that the government needs to slow down and adequately plan for the programme before implementing it.

President Museveni launched the Parish Development Model last weekend. Under the program, this financial year, each sub-county will receive Shs 17 million and then receive Shs 100 million in the next financial year.

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