Nwoya district service commission to recruit 20 Parish Chiefs

NWOYA – Nwoya district local government is to prioritize the recruitment of parish chiefs, as the government extends the recruitment deadline to end of this month. Nwoya district has a total of 44 parishes but are yet to recruit people to fill in the vacant 20 parish chief positions.

In a letter dated 7th October, 2021 by the Permanent Secretary, Ramathan Ggoobi, Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development says, several districts in the country had not met the 30th September,2021 deadline to have all the positions of parish chiefs filled.

Ggoobi also noted that if not addressed, this would constraint government’s effort to eradicate poverty through the Parish Development Model (PDM).


In an interview with our reporter, Emmanuel Orach, the Nwoya district LCV Chairperson says, the district had approved a five members team to the District Service Commission (DSC) and it included; Venancio Okidi as the Chairperson, Alexi Ocitti, Joseph Olango, David Odong, and Florence Lapobo.

Orach says, the lack of a functional District Service Commission had affected the recruitment of staff into the district for over a year. The terms of the previous service commission expired in July 2020.

“We don’t want to be the reason for the failure of the Parish Development Model, with a new service commission approved, and recruitment deadline extended to the end of this month, we want to ensure we beat the deadline and implementation starts,” Orach said.

Geoffrey Axuma, the Nwoya District Information Officer says, last year when they attempted to recruit more than 60 new staff using Omoro’s District Service Commission, some people were not happy and reported the matter to the Inspector General of Government (IGG) which blocked the recruitment.

He says, among those blocked included the Parish Chiefs, District Commercial Officer, Natural Resources Officer and the District Finance Officer which are yet to be recruited to date.

“Last year, when we wanted to recruit more than 60 people using the Omoro District Service Commission because we didn’t have ours, people ran to IGG which eventually blocked the recruitment process, so we were left to operate without people in critical positions like the District Finance Officer, Commercial Officer and Natural Resources Officer in addition to the Parish Chiefs among others,” says Axuma.

According to Axuma, as a result, the district received funds for the Parish Development Model of which implementation should have started by 1st October, 2021.

“We have received funds which should have started to be used to implement the Parish Development Model, as per the 1st October plan by the government. We can’t use the money yet because we need to have all the positions of Parish Chiefs filled,” Axuma explained.

The Parish Development Module has been adopted into the 3rd National Development Plan as a strategy for rural and socio-economic transformation. The parish will be the epicenter of multi-sectoral community development planning, implementation, supervision, monitoring and accountability.

The LC2 Chairperson and parish chief shall be responsible for political stewardship in the implementation of the parish model in their respective parishes with support from the sub-county and district technical planning committee.

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