No cabinet position yet on bail – Attorney General

KAMPALA – The Attorney General, Kiryowa Kiwanuka has said cabinet is yet to adopt a position on the issue of scrapping bail on certain cases as advocated for by the President.

Mr. Kiryowa Kiwanuka, while attending an engagement meeting between the Government Chief Whip and the media at Parliament put it clear that cabinet has not taken any position yet on the issue of bail.

Kiryowa’s reaction follows multiple media reports that a position had already been taken, and soon it will be an issue on the floor of Parliament.

The Attorney General said, the issue was brought in cabinet, and discussions are still on-going before a position is adopted.

“It is an issue in cabinet, and discussions are still on going. You will all know once a position is adopted,” he told the media.

Kiryowa Kiwanuka also called on the media to always invest in research while on duty to have informed positions.

President Museveni has revived the bail debate with intent to have it scraped off on certain of crimes.

Politicians and other political observers have remarked that the move is intended to target political dissent and clamping on politicians.

In his opinion, President Museveni thinks capital offenders should be denied bail, or the constitutional pre-trial release until after at least six months on remand.

The Constitution Article 23, Clause 6 grants offenders a right to pre-trial release with a basis in Article 28 of the same constitution which states that an accused person is innocent until proved or pleads guilty.

Cabinet is set to introduce a range of reforms, among them amendments to the Constitution and the Police Act, to tighten the hands of judicial officers in exercising the discretion to grant or deny bail.

The Attorney General calls for calmness as work on the proposed reforms proceed.

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