Nebbi Lions Club donates relief food items worth millions of shillings to vulnerable elders

NEBBI – More than 20 vulnerable elderly persons residing in Nebbi Town that were selected by the community members have benefited from relief food items worth Shs.2m from the Lions Club, Nebbi Charter.

The items that were donated to vulnerable elderly persons are part of the commemoration of the world food day celebration and the items donated include; beans, posho, sugar, soaps and rice for their upkeep since most of the vulnerable elders are taking care of their grandchildren.

According to the President Lions Club Nebbi, Mr. Emilio Odongo, the Nebbi Lions Club is an international organization operating in more than 150 countries across the world with its mandate to offer humanitarian support to the vulnerable members of the communities whose livelihoods are at stake.

He adds that Nebbi Lions Club was formed in 2020 with its core mandate in providing humanitarian support to disadvantageous community members of the societies by creating awareness on health-related issues and organizing health camps to benefit the community members with prolonged illness due to financial status.

“We are commemorating visual world food day celebrations and we thought it wise to feed the vulnerable members of our community whose livelihoods are at stake due to their poor financial conditions based on their old age status,” Odongo said.

One of the beneficiaries Ms. Sephora Mono a resident of Opano says, elders are marginalized due their poor financial status and the helping hands are limited.

She added that with the current situation of Covid-19 pandemic, elderly persons are looking after orphans but have nothing to cook for the orphans. This has made most of the children to abandon their families for the streets as thieves to fend for themselves.

“I give my humble appreciation to the Lions Club that gave me food to eat because I was not sure of what to eat because we slept hungry for two days,” Mono said.

Another beneficiary Ms. Tereza Angeyango says, after the death of her husband 10 years ago, she was abandoned by her own children and even the government programs which came in terms of relief food were missing her.

Angeyango therefore, urged the young and energetic men who have not yet reached old age status to plan for their futures to avoid being rejected by their own children or to become daily beggars for survival on streets.

However, the area Member of Parliament for Nebbi Municipality, Mr. Hashim Suleiman, appealed to the government to consider the pleas of elderly persons who are currently keeping victims of teenage pregnancies in these periods of lockdown with relief foods since they have nothing to feed on at home.

“Our old elderly mothers have taken the responsibilities of these young mothers with their kids delivered during the lock down period but they are spending the whole day without meals, so if the government and other helping hands could come in, it would be a great advantage to the elderly persons,” Hashim said.

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