Napak flash floods carry away Shs 2 million worth of village savings

Members of a Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) in Lorengechora town council in Napak district are counting double losses after flash floods carried away the association’s savings box containing about Shs 2 million, in addition to destroying their homes.
The floods, which hit several parts of Napak following heavy rains last Wednesday, swept away several houses including one in which a local VSLA’s savings box was stored.

John Longok, Chairperson of Kituroi VSLA said that the flood carried away a savings box containing up to Shs 2m that members had hoped to share on the weekend.
“We had sat on Monday this week and we resolved to share out the money within the members to help feed their children amidst the current country lockdown but now water has carried away the box with the money. We hope we shall get it back,” he said.
According to Mr. Longok the flood swept away the mud and wattle house where the box was kept. However, no one was harmed.
“Thank God by the time it was raining all the members of that household were in the trading centre, otherwise it [the house’s collapse] would have killed people,” he said.
Grace Nakiru, a member of another savings group, Amorican Village Savings and Loans Association, said the floods also swept away cards that elderly group members were using to access the Senior Citizens Grants (SCGs).

The SCGs are a form of social pension aimed at reducing poverty among the elderly and their families, and administered by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.
Andrew Loucho the Mayor of Lorengechora Town Council, one of the worst-hit areas, said the floods have worsened the already harsh conditions under which the people of Lorengechora have been living.
“Several birds have been killed by the floods, and traditional granaries where people kept food destroyed,” he said.
He appealed to the Office of the Prime Minister to come to their aid, saying the community is now helpless.

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