Minister Obua queries Shs 546m released to Dokolo schools

DOKOLO – The Ministry of Education and Sports is questioning the utilization of Shs 546 million released by the government for minor repairs to 75 primary schools in Dokolo district.

The money was channeled for reopening education institutions after the government instituted a two-year lockdown to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

State Minister for Sports, Denis Hamson Obua summoned selected Headteachers, LC3 Chairpersons, district officials and Inspector of schools for a meeting held on 25th February,2022 and raised the red flag over the funds.

This followed a hint by the district Chairperson, James Otto recently that Headteachers remitted 10% of the money sent to their schools to the education department. The education sector has so far received Shs 8.8billion beside money for minor repairs.

The Headteacher of Awiro Primary School, Peter Omara and the Chairperson, School Management Committee (SMC), Kenneth Owiny threw the meeting into shock and disbelief when he revealed the incidences of fraud and corruption.

He claimed that when they (Omara and Owiny) withdrew Shs 6.4 million from DFCU Bank Dokolo branch, they picked 10% of the money and handed it over to Bosco Obia, the Headteacher of Dokolo Primary School and Angom Christine Nancy of Adwoki.

Obia, according to sources, is the Treasurer of Headteachers` welfare and Angom is the Chairperson.

“They told me that the district wants us to return the money,” Omara revealed during a heated meeting chaired by Minister Obua. He reportedly gave Shs 645,000 which was 10% of the money he picked from the bank.

Efforts to get comments from the two Headteachers were unsuccessful since their telephone contacts were off and were fearing to be arrested.

Omara alleges that when they were directed to Osco bookshop where they gave the money, they found a group of five Headteachers in the shop. He could not recall all their names, but he was able to identify Angom and Peter Omara of Alapata.

“I am a saved person, and I cannot run away from the truth because if we try, it will be a curse to our children,” he said.

“They had a list of all schools and the amount each school should ‘vomit,’” he adds. “From there, they called the name of my school (Awiri) and the Headteacher picked Shs 645, 000 from the bag and handed it over to him.”

Though some Head Teachers concealed the fraudulent deals fearing the repercussions, after the meeting, Minister Obua directed the police to open an investigation over the rackets.

“If you were mentioned or participated in the collection of the alleged 10% from schools within Dokolo, he or she should refund the money within 48 hours or should be arrested,” he directs.

He cautioned Headteachers and district officials against ‘salivating’ on the public funds saying whoever is found will be arrested, prosecuted and will face disciplinary action.

The district Woman MP Cecilia Ogwal advised the ministry to extend investigation into the utilization of the Universal Primary Education (UPE) Fund to other schools in the country.

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