Microfinance Support Centre (MSC) to establish an office in Masindi

MASINDI – As one way of bringing services closer to the people, Microfinance Support Centre (MSC) has decided to put an office in Masindi district to cater for the three districts of Masindi, Kiryandongo and Buliisa.

This was revealed by Hellen Masika, the deputy Executive Director of MSC on Wednesday while meeting Masindi district leaders, technocrats, and the religious leaders at Masindi district headquarters.

“Residents from the three districts have been finding it hard to access our services. I want the district leaders to identify for us space. We shall beautify it and equip it. Make sure that the people in that office are residents of this area who are well versed with the local language,” said Masika.

She warned the district leaders to desist from any form of corruption while recruiting the two officers who will be working in the office.

She explained that the regional office which is in Hoima is not enough for the whole region to provide adequate services.

The regional office caters for 10 districts and a city, eight from Bunyoro sub-region and two from Buganda region.

Those from Bunyoro include; Masindi, Hoima, Buliisa, Kiryandongo, Kibaale, Kakumiro, Kikuube, Kagadi and Hoima city while Kiboga and Kyakwanzi are from Buganda.

A team from MSC led by Emmanuel Kiiza Aliba, the Chairperson board had come to Masindi to explain to the leaders the opportunities available if they partner with MSC.

“There are very many opportunities if you partner with us. I am imploring organized SACCOs, Cooperatives and groups to partner with us such that we can support you financially and fight poverty. MSC was put in place to support organized and active groups as well as one way of changing social and economic status of Ugandans,” noted Kiiza.

He added that he doesn’t want to leave office when the people of Bunyoro are poor and yet Bunyoro is home, adding that he came to Masindi with the whole team to open the doors wide for the residents to benefit.

Rev. Can. Francis Kajura, the Archdeacon Masindi Archdeaconry asked the Deputy Executive Director MSC to ensure that religious leaders are also supported, explaining that they are also organized in a SACCO but benefiting from government is a hurdle to them.

“We formed our SACCO about seven years ago. We thought we would benefit from Emyooga program but all was in vain. As religious leaders, we also need to be supported because apart from the ministry, we also do other economic activities,” he explained.

In her response, Masika noted that they couldn’t benefit from Emyooga because they were not among the categories, adding that since they are organized, they can benefit from other programs which are supported by the MSC.

She added that even the Muslims are going to be supported under the Islamic financing where they’ll not be required to put interest on the money given to them.

“There has been an information gap, but all this is going to be bridged when we establish our office here,” Masika added.

Pamela Nyakato, the Secretary for Finance at Masindi District Local Government promised to expeditiously work on the issue of identifying the office space to enable people access the services which will enable them to move out of poverty.

Abdallah Serunkuma, the Chairperson Masindi business community commended the team from MSC for coming to them to explain various opportunities which are available noting that they have been in total darkness but now their eyes are opened.

Ronald Businge Kyomuhendo, the Mayor Masindi Municipality asked for intensified sensitization and monitoring of different government programs, explaining that the government is injecting a lot of money through different programs but with no impact on ground.

“We need to find out why there’s not much impact on ground and yet government is investing in a lot of money. We need to move out of offices and understand where the problem is,” he added.


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