Masindi demonstration farm cows stolen

MASINDI – Cows belonging to Masindi district demonstration farm in Labongo sub-county in Masindi have reportedly been stolen following a lay off at the center.

The center was established to serve as an agricultural demonstration farm for the district.

Wahid Babyesiza, the area district Councilor says, six out of the nine cows that were at the center disappeared under unclear circumstances.

“This is negligence by the district leaders and the caretakers of the center which could have led to the collapse of the center that was meant to be a demonstration to the farmers in the district. Despite the theft of the cows from the center, no one has been arrested in connection with the crime. This makes me believe there could have been connivance by some concerned officials in district,” the angry councilor told theCooperator.

He adds that all workers were laid off by Masindi district without paying them.

Job Byaruhanga, the District Agriculture Officer Masindi admits that some of the cows have been stolen by unknown people who beat the center security officer.

“We have not yet ascertained who could have been behind this. We’re still investigating the matter,” he said.

Byaruhanga added that the district has plans to revive the facility and make it a true demonstration center for the district such that people can always go and learn new agronomic practices.

Cosmas Byaruhanga, the district Chairperson also confirmed the incident to theCooperator saying, something is being done to find out the people behind the theft.

However, he dismissed Babyesiza’s allegations of nine cows at the facility, yet they were six.

“There were only six cows at the demonstration farm and only three are the ones that were stolen,” Byaruhanga clarified.

“A case has been filed at Masindi Central Police Station (CPS) for investigation. All the people who used to work at the center were laid off during the latest restructuring of government workers in the country. The district executive has resolved to sell off the remaining 3 cows as part of the plan to revive the center into a better facility that will serve the entire Bunyoro sub-region,” the politician explained.

None of the authorities could tell when they were stolen.

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