Government constructs three modern markets in the Albertin grabben

BULIISA – The government through the Ministry lands, housing and urban development has constructed three modern markets worth Shs.12 billion in the Albertin grabben as one way to improve on people’s livelihood.

The modern markets were established in the oil rich areas of Buliisa, Hoima and Kikuube district and the facilities were established to help local communities in the areas to benefit from the oil and gas industry indirectly.

The markets includes; Biiso Market located in Biiso town council in Buliisa district, Kabaale market located in Kabaale sub-county in Hoima district and Buhuka market in Kyangwali sub-county in Kikuube district.

The construction of the markets is being implemented by Techno three Ltd PS construction with funding from the World Bank.

The construction of the markets which started in February this year will cost Shs 3.4 billion each and each market will accommodate 200 vendors.

Robert Kakiiza, the Project Manager, said the project progress is at 85% and they expect the projects to be completed by December this year.

The Minister of State for Urban Development, Mario Kania Obiga, was last week in the region inspecting the projects implemented in the Albertine region under the Albertine Region Sustainable Development Program (ARSDP).

He adds that lack of skilled labor in the area, the Covid-19 and lack of construction materials within the area of operation were some of the challenges that have delayed the project.

The project was meant to be completed within four months, but due to the challenges, they got an extension of four months.

He says, the market facilities have the main market, kitchen, waterborne toilet, VIP Latrine, parking and baby care center among others.

Speaking during his visit, Minister Obiga Kania was impressed by the progress of the project adding that once completed, the markets will help local communities to work in a conducive environment and to have income generating activities to improve on their household incomes.

He challenged the leaders to mobilize the locals to utilize the markets and also to own and protect the facilities for sustainability.

Kania said that there is a need to mobilize the people to use the markets to improve their household income.

He expressed concern that the community is ignorant about the importance of these market facilities adding that the government has built several markets across the country but unfortunately vendors abandon these facilities and then go operate on streets.

He also advised the local leaders to mobilize the local communities to engage in production to ensure that they can supply these markets with enough good products.

Robert Mugabe, one of the vendors at Biiso market facility commended the government for the project adding that the facility will help them address challenges that include theft of their produce and poor working conditions.

Fred Lukumu, the Buliiisa District LCV Chairman, described the apparent infrastructural developments in the region as an indicator that oil is beneficial to society.

He says that this is the time communities should embrace hard work to see that they benefit from the developments.

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