Amuru farmers receive rice processing machine worth Shs 80m

AMURU – Amuru farmers under their umbrella organization Pabo Rice Farmers’ Cooperative have received a rice processing machine worth Shs 80m.

The rice processing machine will be stationed in Pabbo town council, Amuru district.

Initially, the farmers used to struggle to process their rice to international standards. Now, they will be able to export their rice to the international market.

The machine has been procured through the Agriculture Cluster Development Project under the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Industry in partnership with the farmers.

Members under their cooperative contributed 33% and the Ministry 67%, according to the district Commercial Officer Samuel Kidega.

Kidega says, the machine will increase production among the members and they will be able to tap into the Southern Sudan market.

The machine has the capacity to process 1,000 tons of rice per hour.

“The machine has been stationed in Pabbo, since they are the biggest producers of rice in the district. As we talk now, the warehouse is already complete and any time the machine will be installed,” said Kidega

Grace Akello Abola, Chairperson of the cooperative said, previously they would take a lot of time to process the rice since they grow a lot and now that the new machine is in place, production will even double.

According to Abola, these developments comes with other opportunities like employment for the youth who will be contracted to run the facility.

Evelyne Akumu, a member of the cooperative said, previously they would incur extra cost in transporting their rice to Gulu City.

“Transport costs have been cut, the funds that we have been using will help us for other activities,” she said

The cooperative has more than 500 members and it was started in 1987, but due to the insurgency between the government and Lord Resistance army (LRA), most activities were put on hold.

The cooperative revived its activities in 2014.

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