Veterans Complain About Their Pension Payments

MASINDI – Veterans from Pakanyi sub-county in Masindi district under their cooperative, Buruli County Veterans’ Cooperative Society Limited are complaining over non payment of their pension by the government.

“Some of us retired in the1990s but up to now no payment has been advanced to us. We are calling upon the local leaders to help us follow up the matter such that we are paid,” said Abdahlai Ibrahim, the chairperson of the cooperative during a meeting called by the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Masindi on Monday.

He noted that they were advised to start a cooperative such that their money is channelled there but up to now they have never got anything.

“We even opened the account number but all in vain. We need to be considered because we fought for peace in this country. Many of our colleagues have died without getting their benefits. Now their children are suffering, they can’t get good education. What makes us unhappy is we are called reserves but we get nothing,” added Ibrahim.

He also said they’re always deceived during campaigns that they’re going to be paid, adding that when campaigns end the matter is kept silent.

Pascal Otwiya who says he retired 30 years back noted that most of them are living miserable lives, adding that some of them are sick and have no help.

“It’s high time the government paid our money because we also did something. The peace you’re enjoying is our effort. We shouldn’t be overlooked. What is due to us should be given to us,” Otwiya lamented.

Tiberindwa Misach also a retired veteran said he also retired in the1990s noting that he was given shs 450,000 only.

“Since then, I have never got anything and yet we are entitled to some pay. We don’t know where our money goes,” he explained.

Emiku John, 75, told theCooperator that all his children have died saying that currently he has no one to look after him.

“What I am asking from the government is my pension because I have no help at all. We are tired of being forgotten all the time as if we are not Ugandans. We hear money has been given to the youth, women and other categories but for us nothing,” he complained.

Aled Ronald Akugizibwe, the area member of parliament who also attended the meeting promised to follow the matter to the dot.

“I want you to get organized such that I take you to the RDC’S office and other relevant offices,” he said.

Rose Kirabira, the Masindi RDC wondered finding the veterans living miserable lives. She promised to help the veterans get what is due to them.

They are more than 30 members in the cooperative. They say they are lacking skills on how to manage their cooperative.

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