Teso leaders must focus on human resource development, says Norbert Mao

SOROTI – Teso regional leaders have been tasked to focus on human resource development if they are to compete and benefit equally like other regions of the country.

The call was made by Nobert Mao, the President General of the Democratic Party during his routine party visits to Soroti district.

Mao said that Teso is blessed with many human resource development institutions, citing examples of Arapai Agricultural College, now Busitema University, Teso University, Soroti Fruit Factory, and many more.

He further urged that if Teso does not focus on human resource development, they will not get a better share of the jobs in these same institutions in their region since they will not have the qualifications required to get jobs.

“Other people with qualifications will take up the jobs available in these institutions at the expense of Teso people because they lack the competence,” Mao further said.

Mao also advised the leadership of Teso to put together a lot of efforts and help lobby for quality education but not accessible education for the development of Teso.

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Meanwhile, the Soroti City West Member of Parliament, Jonathan Ebwalu says, the best parents in Teso can do; is to take their children to better schools so they can access quality education.

According to him, Teso College Aloet which was one of the giant schools built using loans their fathers accessed from Bugishu Cooperative Union can again access loans for the development of the school.

He added that Teso had, Teso Education Fund [TEF] that focused on helping vulnerable children who were unable to continue with further studies. This must be revived, he said.

“It’s the only way that we can improve education in the region and soon we will revive it,” Ebwalu said.

Simon Okanya, the Human Resource Officer of Soroti district, admitted that a lot needs to be done in Teso region in terms of education. He further says Teso has not invested in the people, to give them the necessary skills for the jobs.

“Other regions have skills in abundance compared to what Teso has,” he said.

Okanya said that if only Teso leaders could look at skilling the people in the region, to take on the jobs that their institutions offer; that’s when they can realize meaningful employment and benefit as a region.

Fred Akol, the Workers Representative for Soroti City Council says the district has funds allocated for capacity building but not sufficient enough.

He adds that Teso as a region has bright brains but most of them prefer looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

He cited an example that the district hasn’t found yet a District Engineer not because they are less educated but the local persons here do not have the qualification for the job.

“We would have loved for our local people to take on most of the jobs but the position may require qualifications that our local people don’t have,” Akol said.

He, therefore, appealed to the government to look into this so that the district can develop the local capacity to fit into the areas that are created.


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