Soroti farmers receive 5 tons of seedlings for the new planting season

SOROTI – Soroti district farmers have received 5 tons of beans from the office of the National Agricultural Advisory Services [NAADS] Secretariat under Operation Wealth Creation [OWC] program.

According to Moses Echeku, the District Agricultural Officer, the seeds were delivered to the District Production Department.

Okello said that the seeds will be delivered to all the Sub Counties across the district for distribution to farmers for planting by their extension workers.

“Farmers should plant the seeds immediately and in two months time, they will be harvesting,” Echeku said.

Lieutenant Colonel Francis Osama, the Soroti District Coordinator, Operation Wealth Creation who was present urged farmers never to sell the seeds that they were given.

He advised farmers that if they want to benefit, they should plant without wasting time which will be another way of fighting food insecurity.

Luke Lokoda Lokilo, the Soroti Chief Administrative Office [CAO] appreciated the government for making this kind of move at a time when there is a dire need and the rains are back.

” We are grateful for the support from the government and this will help eradicate the looming poverty and increase household income if used appropriately,” he said.

However, Samuel Enangu, the Soroti district Vice-Chairperson cautioned farmers never to misuse the seeds and instead put them to good use.

” Put beans down and get something out of it; whoever is found selling will be charged accordingly,” he said.

Abraham Ekwaru, the Soroti district Communications Officer, told theCooperator that this is the first batch of beans delivered and they should still expect more.

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He said many people may think of washing the beans so that they can consume them but he advises them against this since these beans are medicated and not meant for human consumption.

Among the Sub Counties to benefit are Arapai, Katine, Ochuloi, Tubur, Asuret, Ocokican, Gweri, Aukot, Awaiwai, Kamuda, Lalle and Tubur town council respectively and the allocation was based on the population size.

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