Soroti district receives 11 iPads to improve farmers information management

SOROTI – Soroti district has received 11 iPads from the Ministry of Agriculture to help in data collection. This will greatly improve information management under the government’s Agriculture Cluster Development Project.

According to Mr. Abraham Ekwaru, Soroti district’s Communications Officer, the iPads will help in gathering information from farmers so as to improve their productivity.

“We are happy as a district that we have received these iPads which we hope will improve on the farmer’s productivity,” Ekwaru said.

He called upon the farmers to be cooperative as they implement this project in the district.

He further added that these iPads are to be given to the community-based focal persons who are going to help in the Government’s Program of Agriculture Cluster Development of whose main objective is to increase crop production.

Soroti cluster is mainly dealing in cassava, rice, beans, coffee, and maize.

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Meanwhile, William Enyaku the Production Officer [Soroti] says, it’s important that farmers are availed with the cassava cuttings for planting.

“We expect to get some seeds for planting since cassava cuttings are not due right now,” Enyaku says.

In an interview with theCooperator, Enyaku said that the worrying bit is that they have not developed their farmers to a level of using irrigation as a means to come out of such emergencies.

Moses Okello, the Soroti District Agricultural Officer acknowledged that nine community-based focal persons [CBF] were last week trained from different Sub Counties on how to collect data.

He however said that after ten days of collecting data, the iPads will be kept at the district for future use in case of any other work-related data collection.

Daniel Eberu, a CBF in Arapai Sub County is grateful for this initiative. He complimented the initiative saying, it has lessened their work as paperwork could take long when it came to recording data.

He said so far, the reception from the community is good and the program will help them to always assess and collect vital information from the farmers.

Robert Okello, a farmer from Odudui parish, Arapai Sub County is glad to be among those the CBFs have reached out to say it will encourage them to grow more and reap highly.

Okello grows rice, maize, cassava, and beans but says the last season was not good at all.


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