Lira district offers UIA 300 acres of land to build an industrial park

LIRA – Lira District Local Government has offered 300 acres of land that was formerly Aler farm, in Ngetta sub-county, to Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) to build an industrial park.

The Lira district LC5 Chairperson, Richard Cox Okello Orik handed over the land to the State Minister for Investment, Everlyn Anite after convincing the farming community of the opportunities coming with the investment.

Since 2011, there has been an ongoing dispute between the district and the farming community over the ownership of a 1,500 acres piece of land.

About 332 residents challenged the district in court over the land located 10km along Lira-Kitgum road. The land covers 10 villages in Ngetta, Ogur and Alito in Kole district.

The villages according to the community include; Te-Arie, Oribcing, Opimo, Te-Dam, Okii, Aler, Perac, Atira, Acan-Akwo and Akwara.

The handover was witnessed by Lango Parliamentary Group, the City Mayor and the Business Community.

The Minister of Health, Dr Jane Aceng who is also Lira City woman MP were among dignitaries in attendance.

“The previous councils resolved to offer 300 acres to UIA and my role as the new Chairperson is to hand it over,” Okello says.

“We shall offer more 200 to make 500 depending on how they start utilizing the one we have donated,” Okello adds.

Anite is currently traversing the country to secure land to set up 25 industrial parks with a target of creating jobs, identifying accessible land for investment, and introducing new research technologies besides skills development to boost Uganda`s export and increased revenue base.

James Obong, a resident said, they realized the land belongs to the Lira District Local Government and they found no merit to continue with the court process.

“We are happy that the UIA is coming and it will be a good opportunity for us,” he said.

Minister Anite pledged government’s support for the establishment of an industrial park which in turn will provide employment opportunities to people in the Lango sub-region and Uganda at large.

“We have not come to take away your land. Your land will remain here but we shall use it to improve your well-being,” she said.

Minister Dr Aceng pledged to construct a health center in the area as a reward to the community for allowing the investment.

Meanwhile, Dokolo district has added more 300 acres of land on the 200 they offered to UIA last month.

According to the district LC5, James Otto, they added more because they are looking at tangible investment and job creation.

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