I am not sick – IGP Ochola refutes Police reports

The Inspector-General of Police [IGP], Martin Okoth Ochola has finally spoken out regarding his health condition, insisting that he is not sick, but rather fit enough to discharge his duties in the Force.

Ochola, who has been reported to be down with multiple ailments including; high blood pressure scoffed at the media for trivializing his personal health and making it a matter of public debate.

“I am as fit as fiddle. I am as energetic…” said the career Policeman.

This follows a couple of days’ media reports indicating that the IGP has been bedridden, following a decision by the Police forces to grant him sick leave due to bad health that was only deteriorating.

Ochola failed to attend the burial of his Deputy Lt. Gen Paul Lokech last month, delegating other officers, an incident that sparked off talk that he was seriously sick.

Ochola has reportedly snubbed several summons to Parliament to answer queries raised by the Legislators regarding Police Management and Operations.

Ochola says, he skipped a couple of State and internal events, because he has empowered a functional system he has created in the force, allowing them to work with no supervision.
Earlier this week, the Director for Medical Services in the Police Force, Dr. Moses Byaruhanga told the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Internal Affairs that, the career Policeman is bed-ridden with high blood pressure.

Now, Ochola has scoffed reports by his juniors saying, he is as fit as a fiddle and quite energetic contrary to the reports.

“I have a physician at Mulago National Referral Hospital and he checks on me. My health issues are between me and my physician. I have not shared it with anyone even in the police,” scoffed Ochola.

Ochola also disowned the Police’s Director of Medical Service and Joint Chief of Staff, Maj. Gen Jack Bakasumba, who reported that the IGP suffered from unstable blood pressure and other ailments.

“My health issues are personal and I have not even shared with anyone even in Police,” he confirmed.

Byaruhanga had told Parliament that the IGP has not been stable since the demise of Deputy Inspector General of Police, Paul Lokech, which prompted the medical department and his personal physician to advise him to avoid long meetings as a way to achieve health stability.

Ochola instead trashed this and told the media that he just had a break for few weeks, but returned to office on time, and has since been working diligently.

He says once his functional system works, he would be at liberty to let others perform on different levels including policy, tactical and operational levels.

At sixty-three (63) years old, IGP Okoth Ochola took over office from the embattled Gen. Kale Kayihura in 2018, whom he had deputized for over 10 years.

On assuming office, Ochola was praised as a sober and committed officer, who was viewed as one that would instill the lost professionalism, discipline, and sanity in the force.

Ochola has since had two deputies, Sabiiti Muzei and now the late Lt. Gen. Paul Lokech.

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