Herdman looking after cattle in Aswa Ranch in Pader District-Photo By Simon Wokorach

KIKUUBE – The production of garlic has recently been introduced as an alternative crop to Kikuube farmers who have majorly been producing tobacco and sugarcane for commercial purposes under Itaza Development Foundation [IDF].

Buhaguzi East Member of Parliament, Steven Asera Itaza challenged garlic farmers in Kikuube district to get prepared for Parish Development Model [PDM] program.

Itaza urged farmers to embrace the program by forming groups adding that the program will only benefit interested and organized groups.

He also noted that the government is planning to disburse Shs 100 million to every parish to facilitate farmers in commercial production.

Itaza was optimistic that the PDM will benefit the population more than other programs since it’s planned through the bottomup approach.

He made the remarks while carrying out impromptu visits to garlic farmers in Bugambe and Buhimba Sub-County in Kikuube district.

Buhaguzi East constituency has more than 100 garlic growing groups, with each group comprising 15 farmers. Each group was given a kilogram of Garlic from which they have planted and after the harvest, they will start growing the crop on a large scale.

Itaza, noted that garlic is a commercial crop with high market demand with Ugandans and abroad and he called on more farmers to join the garlic growers’ groups.

He noted that garlic has a lot of functions adding that eating garlic reduces blood pressure and improves cholesterol levels. Since the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, most people have resorted to consuming the vegetable which is mainly cooked as a spice. Garlic growing only requires water and organic fertilizers.

Garlic is a perennial vegetable belonging to the onion family grown by farmers using its bulb across the globe including Uganda. According to experts, the crop originated from Central Asia before making its way to Africa and it takes four to six months to grow.

He said that currently, Uganda is having investors with factories manufacturing spices adding that these factories are in short supply of Garlic.

He noted that there is a ready market for garlic adding that the buyer needs 100,000 metric tons of garlic per day and the supply is not enough.

Itaza explained that his foundation is currently in negotiations with an Indian investor from Indonesia and he has promised to establish a factory manufacturing spices in Kikkube.

He was optimistic that after the establishment of the factory, farmers will be introduced to the growing of spices like parsley, turmeric, fennel, coriander, and Jinger among others.

Monday Venasi, a member of Katweyambe garlic farmers from Bugambe Sub-County expressed excitement about the new crop adding garlic growing is going to help farmers to move away from growing tobacco and sugarcane.

He added that the farmers in the area have been growing maize, bean, and tobacco but these crops have not helped them to move out of poverty.

He commended the MP for introducing a new crop in the district adding that farmers have hope that the crop will make a difference and help them to improve on their household incomes.


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