Errant Boda-bodas Warned: You Will Be Banned

MASINDI – Errant Boda-bodas in Masindi District have been buffeted with warnings of the risks of flouting the presidential lockdown directives meant to slow the spread of Covid-19.

Iddi Onyera, the chairman of Masindi Motorcycle Operators Association (MAMOA), has said errant Boda-boda riders will be banished from working in the district.

“I therefore ask these errant Boda-bodas to ensure that they comply with the directives,” Onyera told journalists recently at his office in Masindi town, days after the president announced a 42-day lockdown.

Boda riders, according to the new directive, are not supposed to carry passengers. They will carry only luggage and must be off-the-road by 5pm.

The president said defaulters will not be incarcerated but fined this time round.

“We have started moving from stage to stage to ensure that the guidelines are enforced,” he added.

He also warned that non-compliant riders risk paying hefty fines.

Linus Wobusozi, a boda rider at travelers’ stage, welcomed the association’s hard stance. He said individual riders will also enforce the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Joseph Tumusiime, the chairperson travelers’ corner boda-boda stage, said thorough sensitization must to be done before the SOPs are strenuously enforced.

“Some clients are adamant. For them they think we’re the only ones to follow the SOPs. At least thorough sensitization must be done before implementation is done,” Tumusiime appealed.

At least 95% of the people in Masindi town are putting on masks and are washing their hands.

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