Chiefs receive 11 new motorcycles worth Shs 52m to mobilize subjects for development

HOIMA – The Omukama of Bunyoro Kitara kingdom, Dr Solomon Iguru, has procured 11 brand new motorcycles to his county chiefs in an effort to mobilize the kingdom subjects to engage in development.

According to the Kingdom Finance Minister, Owagonza Robert, the UG Boss motorcycles and helmets valued at Shs 52 million were procured under the office of the Kingdom Prime Minister.

He noted that the plans to procure the motorcycles were initiated after realizing that the kingdom chiefs were not performing their duties as expected due to lack of transport.

“Though most of them have passion for their work, they have been lacking means of transport, some have bicycles, and others do not have and this has been making their work difficult,” he explained.

He added that the motorcycles will remain kingdom property and challenged the chiefs to use the motorcycles in a responsible manner.

“They will use these motorcycles as long as they are still in office, meaning that a motorcycle should be returned to the kingdom office in case a chief dies or ceases to be a chief,” said Owagonza.

Speaking during the commissioning of the motorcycles at the Kingdom administration office in Hoima City, Apollo John Rwamparo, the Bunyoro Kitara kingdom Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism said that the motorcycles are meant to enable the Chiefs reach the subjects in their respective areas to advise and mobilize them on the kingdom agenda in regards to development.

He says that they expect the chiefs to mobilize the kingdom subjects on issues of food security, environmental protection and issues of wealth creation.

He noted that the kingdom is at risk of facing food insecurity because most of the farmers in the kingdom are engaging in sugarcane and tobacco farming.

“We have to use ancient and modern initiatives to address issues of food insecurity through food storage and engaging in farming; as a kingdom, we discourage tobacco growing because it is one of the causes of food insecurity, so these chiefs have a responsibility of taking another message which will give our people another alternative crop,” said Rwamparo.

He added that they also expect the chiefs to use the motorcycles to reach the community and mobilize them to engage in income generating activities such as coffee production, poultry and piggery among others to improve and stabilize their household incomes.

“One of the kingdom’s strategic plans is to increase household incomes, and increasing household incomes entails a lot of things such as production, tourism, social services and skilling; so, we need the Chiefs to help us on such issues,” added Rwamparo.

While delivering the motorcycles, the Kingdom Prime Minister, Andrew Byakutaga appreciated the chiefs for their services they have rendered and challenged them to actively participate in the implementation and monitoring of various activities in their respective constituencies.

He added that the chiefs use the motorcycles to reach the kingdom subjects and sensitize them on issues of cultural norms and other issues affecting the Kingdom.

He noted that before receiving the motorcycles, the chiefs spent two days undergoing capacity building training food security, and cultural conservation. They were also warned against misusing motorcycles.

Omubito Gerald Bareke, the chairperson of chiefs commended the Omukama for offering them the means of transport adding that it has been difficult for the chiefs to perform their duties due to lack of transport.

He noted that some of his colleagues have been using bicycles to implement, monitor and supervise the kingdom developments adding that with the new motorcycles they will carry out their duties with ease.

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