Victims of Flooding in Kwania Get Food

KWANIA – At least 757 displaced people in Nambieso Sub County in Kwania District whose houses and property were destroyed by extreme flooding last December have received relief food.

Last December, over 1,800 families in the two Sub Counties of Nambieso and Chawente were washed out by extreme flooding when Lake Kwania burst its banks, destroying houses and property.

However, on June 17 district leaders in Kwania distributed 74 bags of beans and 144 bags of maize flour to the flood victims in the parishes of Bung, Ogwil, Ayabi, Anwangi, Acaba, Owiny and Aornga, in Nambieso Sub County.

The consignment is part of the 100 bags of beans, 200 bags of maize flour, 500 blankets and 300 pieces of tarpaulins that were sent to the district recently by the office of the Prime Minister.

Albina Awor, the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Kwania district, said the tarpaulins and blankets will be given out to the most affected victims. He said part of the consignment will be given to families in Chawente Sub County that missed out during the first distribution.

“The floods ravaged a number of villages and left many starving. I went to the Prime Minister’s office begging for help. Part of these items will be distributed to some of your colleagues from Chanwente Sub County,” she said.

Nambieso Sub County Chief, Juliet Atoo, warned the beneficiaries against selling the food items. Feed your families, she said.

A number of residents who received 16 kilograms of maize flour, and nine kilograms of beans lauded the government for giving them a ray of hope amidst all the distress caused by flooding.

Benson Ogwok and James Atim, both residents of Nambieso Sub County, said most families could barely afford a meal or a place to sleep after losing all their property to floods.

“We thank the government for coming in, however we are requesting to be helped with building materials such as iron sheets and cement so that we can construct structures that are resistant to future disasters,” James Atim, one resident said.

Districts near the shores of Lake Victoria, Kyoga and Lake Kwania have continued to battle flood related challenges. Sam Cheptori, the Minister of Water and Environment, attributes the rising lake water levels to prolonged rainfall in the catchment area of the lake sitting in Uganda and East African countries namely Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

According to the minister, Lake Victoria water levels are increasing and are likely to surpass the highest mark ever of 13.42 meters, hit in May 1965.

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