Performing Artistes SACCO Leaders Arrested

NEBBI – Police in Nebbi are holding two leaders of Nebbi Municipality performing artistes Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO) over theft of Shs 9.5 million Emyooga cash from the SACCO account.

The acting District Police Commander (DPC) Nebbi George Agume says, the treasurer and chairman of performing artiste SACCO were arrested last week and are under police custody for forging the signature of their SACCO’s secretary to withdraw Shs 9.5 million from the groups account in Centenary Bank, Nebbi branch.

Agume adds that, the duo are being charged on a theft offence and the file has already been sent to the Resident State Attorney to peruse through, thereafter they will be taken to court.

“We have received many cases of money being stolen by group leaders from the groups account but some of the cases are not reported to police,” Agume said.

He said there are negative misconceptions of Emyooga funds amongst the groups beneficiaries which link the funds to be free of charge.

On June 10th , 2021, the executive members of Nebbi Boda-boda SACCO Limited allegedly used their powers and withdrew Shs 20 million out of Shs 30 million that was disbursed on their SACCO’s account from Centenary Bank account without the consent of its group members.

One of the performing artistes, Kumakech Kamilio commonly known by stage name King’s Boy, their leaders started dodging the entire group members after they withdrew the money from the groups account.

He adds that, Nebbi performing artistes have six groups but out of six only five benefited from the funds putting the entire members of the SACCO in suspense over the mismanagement of the SACCO money.

“Each group was supposed to get Shs 2.5 million but when the money was withdrawn from the account by the two executive members, they disappeared and divided the money between themselves,” Kumakech said.

The deputy Resident District Commissioner (DRDC) Nebbi, Emma Okol Onyango had earlier on warned Emyooga funds beneficiaries not to personalize the funds but use the funds for boosting loan capital of group members.

He adds that anybody who will misuse the funds will be arrested and taken to jail and thereafter will be tasked to refund the money with interest.

“We are watching the behaviors of Emyooga funds beneficiaries who are turning the project to be personal instead of benefiting the entire group,” Onyango said.

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