Oyam: Emyooga beneficiaries demand business skills training

Beneficiaries of the Presidential Initiative on Wealth and Job Creation in Oyam district are seeking business skills training to guarantee the success of the program.

The demands from the groups came shortly after the government disbursed more than Shs 1 bn to facilitate the Emyooga initiative in Oyam.

Emyooga was introduced in 2019 to offer seed capital to Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOs) groups across the country.

The government earmarked a total of Shs 260 bn to be expended on groups of Ugandan entrepreneurs from18 clusters. Each of the successful groups comprising a minimum of 30 members is entitled to Shs 30m in seed capital.

But the beneficiaries in Oyam district say that although they need the money, they require adequate knowledge in entrepreneurship and business management if the projects they are to start with the funds are to be sustainable.

Geoffrey Awio, a member of Loro United Motorist SACCO Group says members need to be equipped with skills that will enable them to use the money effectively.

Similarly, Stella Adyero, a member of Noteber Tailoring Group in Oporowie Village appealed to the area Community Development Officers to plan for thorough training of recipients of the Emyooga funds so as to mitigate failures.

“Many of the government projects like youth livelihoods have failed due to lack of knowledge. The CDO (Community Development Officer) and the District Commercial Officer (DCO) should offer us training that will acquaint us with business skills for the success of the project,” she said.

Otwal Sub-County Chairperson, Semmy Akello says the local leadership network is keeping tabs on the line officers to ensure successful implementation of the different projects being undertaken by the selected beneficiary groups.

“We have different beneficiary groups including produce dealers, fish farmers, and motorists. As a Sub-County, with our extension officers on board, we are committed to ensuring that the project is a success,” Akelli said.

She conceded the importance of the requested-for business management training and promised that training opportunities would be organized for willing groups.

Similarly, Nelson Adea Akar, the District Chairperson, pledged to rally the needed support towards the training of the project beneficiaries so that they put the money to good use, alleviate poverty, and improve their livelihoods.

“We shall make sure that the money reaches them, and that they utilize it well. On behalf of the community, we shall monitor to ensure the money serves the intended purpose so that it can benefit the intended beneficiaries,” he said in an interview.

However, Jillian Akulu, the Oyam Resident District Commissioner (RDC), warned groups against engaging in influence peddling and bribery to quicken the process of accessing the funds.

There are already 36 assessed SACCOs for the 18 categories of beneficiaries for the Job and Wealth Creation Initiative. They were selected across the two constituencies of Oyam North and Oyam South respectively.

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