EACU Unveils Sim-Sim Value Addition Plan

KITGUM – East Acholi Cooperative Union (EACU) plans to use millions of shillings to improve the value of Sim-Sim and put more money in pockets of its farmers.

Many EACU farmers grow mainly Sim- Sim, ground nuts, maize, sorghum and cotton.

Henry Komakech, the EACU manager, said, “We are the largest producers of Sim-Sim in the entire country, each season we produce 300 metric tons, we feel adding value is the way to go.”

According to him, the multi-million value addition project will also enhance the livelihoods of farmers at household level.


Robert Okumu, the chairman Acholi Bur Irrigation Scheme, said value addition on Sim- Sim will be a major milestone for farmers who toil to make ends meet through peasant farming.

“Over the years we have been advocating for value addition since many of us were being cheated just because we could not add value on what we produce,” he said.

He however, added that other crops like cotton, sorghum and millet should also get value addition because they are grown on a large scale.

Amos Opio, a cassava farmer and member of Padat Cooperative Society in Pader District, said the region needs a cassava processing plant to add value to their crop.

Alfred Obaloker, the Pader District Commercial Officer (DCO), welcomed the move, adding that for a longtime, they have been reaching out to developmental partners to help local farmers add value to their produce.

“I am glad that we now have a starting point in regards to value addition, I hope many partners come on board to support other areas of value addition.”

East Acholi covers the districts of Kitgum, Pader, Agago and Lamwo with more than 100 primary cooperatives.

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