“A business without a network is like a tree without branches, leaves and fruits”. The Coop 360 Network is a flexible non-body corporate platform for cooperative organizations, individuals, and associates of the cooperative movement who have been brought together for shared and price friendly tailor-made services to propel growth in the cooperative sector and beyond. In the Coop360 Network, we are with you all the way through an effective monitoring and evaluation system as we tell business and life changing stories of creating wealth and wellbeing. The Coop360° Network is a product of The Uhuru Institute for Social Development (TUI) that brings a world of opportunities to cooperatives and other collectives.



We believe in “doing things right”, through our SkillCoop technical support facility; we impart applicable and relevant knowledge and skills through customised trainings, mentoring, coaching, twinning, and learning visits to enable the cooperative movement build an equitable socioeconomic transformation. The SkillCoop manages a Technical Support Facility of well trained and seasoned cooperative expert practitioners on call in all corners of Uganda ready to move your cooperative business to the next level.


This is a youth Development enterprise, through which we train, mentor and coach youth into successful leaders and entrepreneurs. We achieve this through the youth camps and learning caravans to impart practical learning in mindset change, civic responsibility, financial literacy, cooperative business model, business start-ups, greening businesses, and healthy living amongst others.


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