Coop360 Network, Empowering Cooperative Leaders

In a world where cooperatives are always vying for consumers’ attention, distinctive branding is crucial for success. This is only one of the numerous factors that prompted the development of the Branding Accelerator program. This two-day training, which took place from July 11th to 14th, 2023, was intended to provide members of the Coop 360 Network with the tools they need to create strong brands for their cooperatives. 

Seven Coop360 Network cooperatives came all the way to Kyoto in Namugongo to train with the Uhuru team and the Goldstone team after two months of intensive weekly training. 

Beginning in May, the program guided the attendees through the basics of brand building, brand personality, and logo design. Participants received information they could immediately put to use in their cooperative enterprises by expanding their understanding of the branding process. 

The cooperative leaders taking part of an exercise

Over the course of the two days, the leaders participated in lectures, group discussions, and brainstorming activities designed to refine their skills in logo design and brand building through hands-on exercises. The training was successful in showing the cooperative leaders how to bridge the gap between theory and practise by focusing on basic principles and actual applications.

Many of the leaders remarked about how they didn’t understand how important the training was, but due to the two days spent with the TUI and Goldstone teams, they now understood the value of brand recognition. 

“I want to confess that this is good, I didn’t expect it to be this easy and interesting because it appeared to be complicated but thank you Uhuru and 

Goldstone for this, I am definitely going to push this with our cooperative.” – Peterson Kazaire from Nyakibaale SACCO 

Peterson Kazaire, Nyakibaale SACCO

The training was a watershed moment for the participating cooperatives. Leaders gained the insight and expertise necessary to modernise their brands, setting their businesses up for increased success and widespread recognition. Cooperatives are poised to make a lasting impact on their communities and contribute considerably to inclusive socioeconomic transformation as they go forward with revitalised branding strategies. 

As we continue with the program, it is clear that cooperative branding’s full potential has been unlocked, and these leaders are ready for more growth in their cooperatives. 

The cooperative leaders, together with the Uhuru Institute teams and the Goldstone team