20 Cooperatives that participated in the #PlantACoopTree competition that started in April 2017 undergo evaluation in search of the three winning teams.

#PlantACoopTree Competition

#PlantACoopTree Competition judges are out in the districts evaluating the competitors and identifying the winners. The competition is part of the Uhuru Institute’s Coop360 Initiative which amongst other things is looking at increasing cooperative investments in green business for sustainable societies.

20 cooperatives in 20 districts and various sectors voluntarily participated in the tree planting competition.The competitors are expected to have raised the 500 grevellia seedlings provided by the promoter and organiser The Uhuru Institute for Social Development.

The judges comprise of a team of 5 including the DFO, DCO, a conservation scientist and the Uhuru Staff in charge of Green business development.

The winner will be awarded a peer to peer learning visit to a progressive cooperative within the East African region, helped with shaping relevant Organisation
Development policies and a 5 day training of members.

The first runner up will benefit from Organisational Development policies and a training of members and finally the second runner up will be awarded with a 1 week’s training of members in a number of areas that will nudge the cooperative towards business success.

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